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"Zeus" supercomputer the best in Poland

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"Zeus" – a supercomputer which is operated in Academic Computer Centre (ACC) "Cyfronet" AGH (Cracow, Poland) was ranked 176th among other TOP500 machines worldwide. This also means "Zeus", for the next time, is the fastest computer in Poland. On the 277th place there was supercomputer from University of Warsaw, Poland. The most current TOP500 ranking has been published on 23rd June 2014, during ISC 2014 conference in Lipsk, Germany. Let’s see what are the "Zeus" capabilities?


"Zeus" is currently utilizing 25 468 cores with total, theoretical processing power of 373 Tflops (teraflops), 60 TB (terabytes) of RAM and 2,3 PB (petabytes) of disk storage. It is clustered with the usage of more than 300 single HP blade servers, interconnected with the usage of 40 Gb/s Infiniband network. Some of the servers are equipped with GPGPU NVIDIA cards, what allows faster computation in case of selected scientific algorithms. The whole thing is working under supervision of Scientific Linux operating system – an European-American GNU/Linux distribution, based on RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) and aimed for scientific applications.


Zeus Supercomputer installed in ACC Cyfronet AGH

Supercomputer "Zeus" installed in Academic Computer Centre (ACC) "Cyfronet" AGH (Cracow, Poland) [source: Wikipedia]


Currently, the fastest computer in the world, according to the TOP500 list, is Chinese Tianhe-2, which theoretical processing power of 54,9 Pflops. There are 233 supercomputers that are operated in the USA, 76 in China, 30 in UK and… only 2 in Poland.

It’s always good to read about the most current and modern technology, but somehow, this makes me think about the past. Especially, because some time ago I was visiting Muzeum Techniki i Przemysłu NOT (NOT’s Museum of Engineering and Industry), which is located in Palace of Culture and Science, in Warsaw, Poland. Interesting place with some very nice items, but this is quite another story.


More information on "Zeus" supercomputer (in Polish) - here.




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