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"8 Levels of IT Security in the Data Center"

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Data center security is the subject which I'm currently involved in. Therefore, I spend a lot of time thinking and consulting all possible doubts with physical and IT security experts. That's obvious we cannot take security for granted, but we should think of it in a sense of being a kind of process – we have to take care about it all the time. Manage it, like any other process in our organization. The problem begins when we realize that to secure our data center we have to deal with many different layers of the same matter – from physical through operational up to information security. We have covered this issue to show how difficult  "data center security" subject can be on Turingsman.net, quite recently (check: What is "data center security"?). Today we will try a different – visual – approach to show "data center security" and its multi-layered complexity. Let's have a look on "8 Levels of IT Security in the Data Center" poster published by Wikibon Blog – all in all "one picture is worth a thousand words". That's not bad!


"8 Levels of IT Security in the Data Center" poster as published by Wikibon


Of course, the poster presented above is very general and points out only the basic concepts. However, at the same time it is a very good base for further discussion and exploration of the subject. What is also important, we can easily see all three domains we previously divided from "data center security". These are: "physical security" (1) of the whole data center site, "protection of the data" (2) – which is "information security" in fact and "reliability of operations" (3) – which is data center "operational security".

I would like to have this poster printed and placed on my wall in the office! This could be a great help to simplify some discussions on "data center security".



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