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Lazarus 1.0 Free Pascal IDE finally released

This is really a big thing for me. Between many interesting open source projects I'm trying to follow, both - Free Pascal Compiler and Lazarus IDE - are on the top of the list. Why the availability of 1.0 version of Lazarus IDE for Free Pascal Compiler (FPC) is so important?


openDCIM 1.4 available

For those, who are using or are interested in open source alternatives to commercial DCIM system, there is openDCIM 1.4 available, since almost one month now. Well, better late than never from my side. You can learn more about openDCIM on its website and also have a demo run, here.

What features support my CPU?

Have you ever thought how to quickly check if your CPU supports (or not) some advanced features and enhancements and what is their current status? I have. Fortunately, I have found very useful tool – SecurAble – which will answer the most interesting questions in the matter of seconds.


Physical Infrastructure Manager by Panduit in scope of Unite Technologies acquisition

Recent acquisition (22 August 2012) of energy, power and environmental management solutions provider, Unite Technologies, by Panduit, accidentally led me to the very interesting presentation of Panduit's PIM – Physical Infrastructure Manager. Well, we all know how hot is data center convergence subject, including all kinds of DCIM systems, so there is a good occasion to see what PIM can offer.


A trip through the biggest data centers in the World

When I was a boy I dreamt to be so small, to be able to fit inside the computer and travel through electric circuits, jumping from one memory cell to another, order by order, cycle by cycle, having total control. Definitely, this was an impact of two factors: childish imagination mixed with the great movie by Disney – "TRON". Therefore, maybe this is not an accident that having some background in software engineering, I work with data center infrastructure today and from time to time I dream about the biggest data centers ever. Have you ever thought who currently owns the biggest data center in the World? Or who is the biggest one in Europe? Let's see some videos on the biggest data centers ever built!